Helping Elevate thru Art & Love, Inc.
Empowering expression. Enriching lives.

HEAL. Empowering Expression. Enriching Lives.

HEAL empowers people in need to engage in creative art sessions. These sessions are a positive and rewarding experience to the participant offering a respite from the realities of illness or other life challenging situations.

The benefits may be considered therapeutic by helping to express emotions and reinforce self-confidence.

These creations then generate valuable financial opportunities for organizations and the private affiliations that support them.

They HEAL. You grow.
Helping Elevate thru Art & Love (HEAL) is a non-profit organization dedicated to benefiting people and the organizations that support them.

People participate in the art of creative expression. The artwork they create is then auctioned off at a fundraising event or purchased outright to generate funds for organizations, or for the families to help pay for medical expenses. Through this unique approach, HEAL delivers true benefits to all participants involved - people (of any age), organizations and private sector affiliations.