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Dear HEAL Supporters,

 I wholeheartedly declare my support of the HEAL program.  I am a Pediatric Nurse Team leader at St. Vincent hospital and I have been a Pediatric nurse for 20 years.  Less than one year ago, I was introduced to Kim Thornborrow and the amazing HEAL program.  I have witnessed Kim’s frequent visits to the sick children on our Pediatric unit.  The art therapy she brings to the bedside ignites peace, hope, and joy for these children and their parents.  Many of the children Kim works with are facing serious, life threatening illnesses, like childhood cancer.  The medical treatments are tiring and stressful and the diseases are often painful.  But when Kim comes to help the children paint, their discomforts subside and their sad faces light up incredibly. Fear, pain, loneliness, and sadness pour out through the colors and techniques and are transformed into beauty and healing.  This transformation in the children is the greatest gift HEAL provides. We, the medical team, deliver the medical treatments with as much TLC as possible.  How wonderful it has been to see the art session promote emotional healing along side the medical healing.

Thank you to all HEAL associates and supporters for sharing your gifts in order to sustain this amazing program. There is such healing in art!

With Admiration, Rosa Kugel, RNc

St. Vincent Hospital Pediatrics

There are so many different words that I can use to describe Kim and the HEAL program: wonderful, inspirational, energetic, happy, caring, compassionate, healing, enthusiastic, and so much more.

 HEAL came to St. Vincent with a vision: To help children who are sick. I don't think they realized how far that vision would take them. Not only does the HEAL program help patients. It also helps the staff and families. It's very heartwarming to see the smiles on the children's faces when Kim starts talking to them. She lifts their spirits and makes them feel so good about themselves. Many of the children who paint with Kim one day will beg us shortly after she leaves and say "please can I paint with her again?" We even have several children with cancer who will come back into the hospital when they are not scheduled to be here so they can have a chance to paint with “Miss Kim” again.

The HEAL program is wonderful. I wish you could see how much this program means to children, families and staff. Being able to continue this program means so much, to so many children. I truly believe that the HEAL program is not only helping to put big smiles on the faces of the children but equally important; helps the children who are in the hospital to HEAL.


Colleen Ducke CCLS

Child Life Coordinator, St. Vincent Hospital

 I would like to add my wholehearted support of this program!!  The joy this program and Kim has brought to our Hematology/Oncology patients is invaluable. Our service recognizes the enormous contributions you make to the happiness of our patients. Thanks for all you do!

Terri L. Lewis, MSN, CPON, APNP, Pediatric Hematology/Oncology